Back in the fridge for the second time. Last year at this event (my first competition) I finished 15th and 17th so I was pretty excited to see how I had improved over a year.

Day 1 Training

The Banked Slalom course is really fun with berms flowing really well with a nice rhythm top to bottom. I had two laps for training and was riding fairly well. Cruised the first one then pushed a bit more on the second.

Day 2 Europa Cup

Out in the afternoon. Felt average on the board a bit off balance and fell a couple of times during inspection and warm up. I was pushing for a fast time and crashed first run. second run was better but made a couple of mistakes . Finished 8th for the day.

Day 3 World Cup 1

We were on in the morning it was good not waiting around until the afternoon like yesterday. First run was good pushing my turns well but made a little mistake. second run was faster and I was moving well. Its times when we are truly in the moment that we are closest to god. Finished 5th my best result to date.

Day 4 World Cup 2

Felt a bit clunky in the warm up had a crash. But then nailed my first run with a 43.84. There was a start delay before my second run so I probably lost a bit of focus and I crashed on a heelside turn. 3rd run felt good but I didnt improve on my time.

5th place again!! stoked! but tired.